What You Need to Know About Sublimation Blankets

What You Need to Know About Sublimation Blankets

Special materials that can be sublimated, or changed into a gas, by the application of heat are used to make sublimation blankets. This implies that the blanket can be printed with pictures or patterns using a sublimation printer. Bright, vivid, and high-quality prints are produced with this procedure, and they become permanently ingrained in the cloth.

This article will cover how they are manufactured, their advantages, some advice for using sublimation blankets to their fullest potential, and much more.

How are Sublimation Blankets Made?

Sublimation blankets are produced using sublimation printing. The sublimation procedure, which combines heat and pressure, turns a solid into a gas. Sublimation printing uses this gas to imprint images or patterns on fabric. Then, the sublimated fabric is used to create the blankets, pillows, and other goods that can be printed on sublimation fabric.

What Type of Printers Can be used to Print Sublimation Blanket?

The project and the materials utilized determine the kind of sublimation printer that is employed. Typically, sublimation heat presses are used to print sublimation blankets projects. When sublimating a sublimation blanket, this sort of press simultaneously exerts pressure and heat, enabling the sublimation process.

How to Heat Press a Sublimation Blanket?

It's actually fairly easy to heat press a sublimation blanket. The sublimation blanket is positioned on the heat press initially. The picture is then transferred to sublimation paper, which is affixed to the blanket. The heat press is then shut off and left to finish the sublimation process for a short while. The sublimation blanket is taken out of the heat press after it has been closed for a while. All there is to it is that! Using this method, you may make one-of-a-kind blankets that are personalized for gifts or home decor. So if you're searching for a special and personalized gift, think about making a personalized sublimation blanket utilizing this quick heat pressing technique.

Benefits of Sublimation Blankets

  • Prints that are vibrant and of a high caliber and are permanently woven into the cloth.
  • Can be used for many different projects, such as making blankets, pillows, and other things.
  • Many different materials can be sublimated
  • Make personalized goods that are special to you and your family.
  • Use your sublimation projects as an opportunity to be inventive and find new ways to express yourself.

Tips for Getting the Best Results with Sublimation

  • Use the appropriate sublimation paper for your project, first and foremost.
  • Ensure that the blanket is pressed uniformly against the heat press for sublimation.
  • Prior to printing, confirm that the sublimation blanket is at the proper temperature.
  • When pushing the sublimation blanket against the sublimation heat press, apply the proper amount of pressure.

Factors to Consider While Buying Sublimation Blankets

When making a sublimation blanket purchase, there are a number of things to take into account. The size of the blanket should be your first consideration. You must make sure that the sublimation blanket you purchase will match your needs because they come in a number of sizes. The blanket's construction should also be taken into account. Sublimation blankets can be created from natural fibers like cotton or wool or from synthetic materials. Although they can cost more, synthetic materials typically have superior heat transmission and durability.

Although natural fibers are often less expensive, they could not function or survive as well. The weight of the blanket is another thing to take into account. Although heavier blankets often transfer heat more effectively, they can be more cumbersome to move around. Although lighter blankets are more manageable, they could not transfer heat as well. Which sublimation blanket you choose to buy ultimately relies on your personal wants and tastes.


Using blankets with sublimation technology, you can print fabric with excellent, long-lasting results. Use the proper sublimation paper and press evenly across the blanket's surface for the best results when using sublimation printing.