Using and Cleaning a Vape Kit: Advanced Tips

Using and Cleaning a Vape Kit: Advanced Tips

Vape kits are a popular and effective way to vape. They can be used with a variety of e-liquids, giving you more options than other types of vaporizers. Vaping is healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes, but it does still require some maintenance. When you use your vape kit correctly and properly clean it after each use, you'll get the most from this technology. Here are some tips for using and cleaning your vape kit:

Soak Your Coils

The coils and cotton are a little bit more complicated to clean. First of all, you'll want to soak the coils in isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will help remove any buildup on them and will help prevent future gunk from building up. You can also soak the cotton that comes with your tank, but this isn't necessary unless it smells or tastes weird. Click here for Vape Kits.

Finally, if there's any gunk inside your tank itself (or even just gunk on the outside), try using a cotton swab on it—it works for cleaning out vapes too!

Replace Your Cotton

If you're a vape user, then you'll want to be sure that the cotton in your device is clean and healthy. To do so, follow these simple steps:

Remove the old cotton from the tip of your atomizer or cartomizer. If it isn't easy to remove, soak it for a few minutes in alcohol.

Cut a new piece of cotton approximately 2 inches long and wrap it around the tip of an empty needle or syringe. If you don't have one on hand, simply use scissors instead.

Fill up another syringe or needle with vegetable glycerin until it's about half full; then add 3-4 drops of flavoring (to taste). You can also add some nicotine if desired—the amount depends on how much you normally use per day—but keep in mind that most vapers prefer zero nicotine levels when vaping e-juice due to throat irritation issues related to high concentrations

Keep Your Vape Clean

Cleaning the tank: Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the inside of your vape tank.

Cleaning the mouthpiece: Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean around your mouthpiece and on top of it, where it touches your lips.

Cleaning the drip tip: You can use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean both sides of your drip tip if you want to do so; just make sure not to get any liquid inside because then you'll have an unpleasant taste when taking drags later on.

Cleaning battery contacts: Take off all parts of your kit (including batteries) and use a damp cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol on them for cleaning purposes only—do not submerge anything in liquid!

Cover Up Holes

Cover up holes in your mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is the part of your vape pen that you put in your mouth. There are usually several small holes in it, which can allow contaminants to get into the cartridge or tank. To prevent this from happening, cover up these holes with a piece of tape when you're not using them. This will keep out dirt and debris from getting inside of it and make it difficult for air to flow through smoothly.

Cover up holes on other parts of the pen too! You'll want to cover any exposed areas where air could be sucked into:

  • Tank/bottle cap (if applicable)
  • Atomizer chamber
  • Battery (if applicable)

To Get the best Use out of Your vape, You need to Regularly Clean it.

To get the best use out of your vape, you need to regularly clean it. You should clean the tank, drip tip, and coils at least once a week. The battery and atomizer can be cleaned whenever necessary with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. As for the mouthpiece, we recommend that you replace it with one made of silicone or other non-toxic material like wood or glass every couple of months.

We recommend also using an alcohol-based product designed specifically for cleaning vaporizers because these substances won't damage any parts of your device like water could (and will often leave behind a sticky residue). If possible, use distilled water instead; this will help prevent mineral build-up on components such as tanks which could affect their performance over time


We hope that this article has helped you to get the most out of your vaping experience. Whether you’re just starting or have been vaping for years, we encourage everyone to keep these tips in mind so they can make their own experiences better!