How to Clean A Fuel Filter

How to Clean A Fuel Filter

The NAPA wix 24003 fuel filter has to be one of the best choices for anyone looking for a filter that will last long. However, over time, even the best filter will need some maintenance due to its job description. A fuel filter holds dirt from going into the engine. Hence, the filter has a high chance of getting dirty as time goes by. As long as it is a quality filter, it will still work well, but it will require cleaning. Cleaning a fuel filter is not the regular procedure you always use. We will explain how to Clean A fuel filter in this guide.

Remove car battery

It is always best to call a car expert to help you clean your filter because of safety. With no prior experience, you may not exactly understand the danger of what you are doing.

For instance, you may not have the key to your car at the start point and it will still start. That is because there is a supply of fuel and the car's battery connection is still there.

For safety purposes, it is best when you disconnect the battery so there is no chance of starting.

Find the filter

After taking care of safety, you can start the process of cleaning. The first step is to find where the fuel filter is in the vehicle. Of course, it will always be between the flow of fuel and the engine.

For many car models, it is directly under the fuel pump, while others have it along the engine. When you find it, try to study the connection to see how you can remove it. Before you do that, however, it is better to have a bowl to collect any fuel that comes out.

Take the filter out carefully

Taking out the fuel filter is not always an easy process. You need to be extra careful and ensure there is nothing that can ignite. You can follow these steps

  • Remove the clips holding the filter
  • Disconnect it from the fuel lines
  • Roll the fuel filter away

There will always be a little fuel in your fuel filter, so it is best to remove fuel before you clean.

Use carburetor cleaners

The fuel filter and the carburetor work hand in hand, so the cleaners for carburetors are great for the filters too.

You do not need any scrubbing as this cleaner does the job alone. Simply spray it and the cleaning will go on itself.

Take out every dirt

Not all the dirt in the filter will come out when you are removing the liquid. What you can do is hit it gently to remove the dirt. After that, dry and reinstall the filter


If you want your fuel filter to stand the test of time, you need to clean it at intervals. The job of the filter is to stop debris from getting into your engine so it won't knock out. The way to clean a filter is not the regular process of soap and water. That may damage the filter, requiring you to replace it. You can follow the steps described in this guide to clean your filter.