Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

The purpose of installing outdoor LED lights is to promote safe public activities at night time, especially commercial ones. Some commercial properties are also illuminated with LED lights to become landmarks of the area and attract potential customers or collaborators.

Outdoor LED lighting has multiple benefits and is highly recommended over other lights due to its advantage of energy preservation and high-quality light.

Let us have a look at what important things you should know about before choosing an ideal outdoor led lighting for you.

Important Things to Know About Outdoor LED Light

1) Types Of Light

Upon visiting the shop, you will realize there is a plethora of LED lights to choose from. Manufacturers are planning new styles and sizes very frequently to meet up with the demands of people. The type of light you go for depends on the location you want to be lightened up, whether it is simply a wall or your backyard garden, a hall, or a concert arena; there is a light as per every application.

A few examples of outdoor LED lights include LED wall packs, LED flood lights, LED site lights, LED canopy lights, LED dusk to dawn, LED bollards, etc.

These are perfect for ensuring safety in the area. Landscape lights are used to enhance your decor or beauty and come in a variety. These are also installed in gardens.

2) Quality Of Light:

Conventional and LED lights have an evident difference in color temperature. If a picture of an area having traditional parking lights is compared with the same area having contemporary LED lights, some spots will stand out, highly illuminated under the LED light.

When you have to choose among different LED lights, consider their color temperature and color rendering index. Color temperatures illustrate the glow, while the rendering index indicates the closeness of the object under illumination and natural light. CRI measuring above 90 is considered ideal.

3) Energy Efficiency:

Outdoor lights share a bigger part of the total lighting billing in most commercial facilities. Reducing energy consumption with respect to watts utilization is the only option to cut down expenses.

Typical System Efficiency is greater than 50 Lumens/watt for an LED light which is considered excellent.

4) Lifespan:

LED lights are known to have a lifespan of 2-10 times longer than their other conventional alternatives. With advancements in design and technicalities, the manufacturers are now promising a much longer lifetime of 5-10 years. This saves you from frequent electrician visits to fix the lights or repurchasing the bulbs every now and then.

5) Fixtures:

Another significant point to consider while looking for an LED light is the fixture you use and its specifications.

It should be compatible with the light and electrically and mechanically reliable.


LED lights are winning the race from their counterparts due to their reliability. They have everything you need in the light; durability, no need for maintenance, magnificent illumination, energy saving, and light on the pocket. In short, outdoor LED lights are worth your investment.