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Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

by oren

Although pressure washers are a miracle that cleans almost everything within a moment, some things are still not meant to get along with them, which in turn leaves us with critical times of what to do and what not to. It is possible to avoid costly damage while pressure washing if you follow expert recommendations and tips.

Pressure washing is a rapid and gratifying method of removing built-up filth, grime, and stains. However, after you’ve gotten the hang of it, the machine’s ease of use may urge you to use it on other items around the house, which might cause you costly damage.

This quick guide will help you learn and differentiate between the good and bad surfaces pressure washing ideas to minimize the probability of damage.

Yes, on the deck

Although not all decking materials are suitable for pressure washing, most decks are built of hardwood or composite. Keep in mind that composite is softer than actual wood and thus more easily etched. Other difficulties, such as chipping, UV damage, and mold staining of the inner plastic, can emerge after it has been damaged. The first step before cleaning is to go through the warranties of any material. A green nozzle is much like a godsend to almost any surface. It cleans at wide 25-degrees by applying less pressure minimizing the chances of damaging surfaces.

<h1> No, not on roof.

Apart from pressure washing, cleaning the roof on your own can be a dangerous thought by itself. Think of it like this, you are on your ladders peacefully cleaning your roof, and suddenly you lose your balance. Or you apply pressure on the roof with a pressure washer and the reaction force disturbs your grip and balance. How will you end up?  So, it’s better to cancel the idea of pressure washing roof, as it may result in serious injuries and accidents. Instead, use a pump sprayer and a scrubber, along with safety precautions to remove any moss, algae, or discoloration from your roof.

Yes, on siding

The siding of vinyl, aluminum, and other materials can easily be pressure washed without disturbing the fragility of materials. But you should opt for different prescribed techniques for the different surfaces to ensure their maintenance by going through the guidelines provided on warranties and manuals of each material and equipment.

Dirt, filth, and pollution may result in untidy appearances but by following simple guidelines all the dirt and grime will be cleaned.


Houses built and painted in the early 1970s should be analyzed by EPA before being cleaned by pressure washers. If there is lead content in the paint (which was banned in 1978), it is unlikely that it will ever disintegrate and biodegrade because it includes this heavy metal.

Final Verdict

The improper use of a power washer can result in damaged timber and other problems. Which might lead you to costly damages. On the other hand, that powerful torrent of water should always be handled with caution. So that it may not lead you to serious injuries. Always check you’re following the right care and guidelines.

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