Comparing Ulike Air+IPL Device with Ulike Rose IPL Device

Comparing Ulike Air+IPL Device with Ulike Rose IPL Device

If you have visited ulike, you will know that there is a fantastic handset other than the luxurious hair removal IPL brand. If you are well aware of both of the products then you may have to consider comparing both of the devices to figure out which one is best for you. Not only you but lots of other people are also comparing them.

For your assistance, we are here with complete details about comparing the ulike Rose IPL device with the ulike Air+ IPL device. Both these ulike hair removal devices have their distinct features and specifications but are here compared for you. In this way, you can figure out which device is perfect for your skin.

Comparing Ulike Air+ & Rose IPL Devices

Ulike introduced its Rose IPL device a long time ago and it was liked by the customers a lot. By adding more advancement and using the latest technology measures a new handset is introduced that is named as Air+ IPL device. Given is the comparison between the previous and latest devices of ulike.

First Impression

Ulike rose hair removal device refers to a grey and black colored device along with a very decent design structure and detailing in the center with golden red color. A person can change the settings of the device very easily from the middle golden hem. It has a flat rectangular light flashing window.

If we talk about ulike Air + hair removal device then it's a white and dark green mixture colored device having square-shaped detailing at the center. And on and off switch button and a few indicators are available at the golden portion. It also consists of rectangular-shaped flat light flashing Windows.

Pricing Plan

You will get an ulike Rose device for about $499 and it will include the device, shaving razor, protective glasses, storage box, adapter, cable, and the user manual.

You have to consume $359 and $259 for an ulike Air+ hair removal device. It is affordable as compared to the Rose device and you will get safety glasses, a small shaving razor, a long wired adapter, and an instruction menu along with the IPL device.

Comfort Modes

Two treatment modes are provided by both ulike Air+ and ulike Rose hair removal devices. These two modes include stamping mode and gliding mode. Stamping mode is for the areas having small section hairs just like armpits and for large areas like legs gliding mode is used. These modes help the device remove hair more precisely and quickly.


A flashing speed of 0.7 times per second is provided by both of the devices. Depending upon your treatment mode and height it will only take 10 to 30 minutes to flash it over your full body. The result of both devices differs. The Air + device takes 4 weeks to reduce the regrowth by 90% and the Rose device needs 4 to 6 weeks to show perfect results.

Light Intensity

Beams of lights flashing from the device and its energy output are needed to measure the intensity level of any device. Different intensity levels are needed for hair removal as we have different tolerance levels for different body parts.

Both devices have 5 levels of intensity where 1 level is for facial skin, 5 levels are for legs and the remaining levels are for arms, bikini lines, and armpits. Therefore, both of the devices have almost the same level of intensity as well as several flashes.

Ending Thoughts

If you compare the available ulike Air+ and Rose IPL devices then you will be amazed to know that both of them have almost the same features like several flashes, warranty, energy output as well as a safety level. Hence it becomes difficult to make sure which is best and which is not but you have the facility to choose the one that fulfills your requirement.